“Amazing-Quick Wit…Fast Hands!” -Johnny Carson

Magician for Las Vegas Corporate Events -Book Now

Get more out of your upcoming trade shows, parties, sales meetings, hospitality suites and other corporate events. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make this year’s event one they’ll never forget! Richards will work with you to customize a program for your next event. From the meeting room to the trade show floor, Richards will add value and give you the edge. You’ll see why companies throughout the county look to Richards to impress high-profile clients dazzle employees and entertain senior management.

Objects float in the air, people are hypnotized and their minds are an open book when Las Vegas Magician performs on stage or strolling your event hospitality room or reception.

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Critics’ Choice • Stand-Up Comedy Magic

Adults Laugh Louder

This customized show will be the highlight of any Meeting or Special Event. Based in Las Vegas, Magician Jeffrey Richards captivates 30-3000 people with audience interactive custom magical entertainment. CEO’s appear in the blink of an eye, objects float in the air, people are hypnotized and their minds are an open book with loads of “clean comedy” and audience participation.

Award Winning Close-Up Magician!

From the worlds’s largest cruise lines, to Hollywood’s Famed Magic Castle, to the Magical Empire at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Magician Jeffrey Richards is known as one of the world’s foremost sleight of hand entertainers. Richards mingles with your guests performing incredible mini illusions right under their noses. It’s ideal for corporate events, banquets, upscale restaurants and lounges.



corp 33 A champagne bottle appears in a flash of fire. A diamond ring vanishes from a lady’s hand and a moment later is found safely on a key chain. A one-dollar bill magically transforms into a one hundred-dollar bill. A borrowed spoon bends by itself. A spectator’s watch is found in a sealed envelope inside of a wallet! Guest’s minds are and open book as he reveals birthdates, anniversaries, vacations and significant others names. Sounds Impossible? Not when you are watching the world-class close-up magic of Jeffrey Richards. He circulates with your guests, clients and prospects performing miniature illusions with playing cards, money and jewelry right under their noses! It’s ideal during cocktail hour, before dinner and upscale restaurants when there is no time for everyone to stop and watch a show.

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