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If you go online, you’ll often see the term “FAQ” which means, “Frequently Asked Questions,” We thought it would be a good idea to do some Q’s and A’s here so that you can gain a more complete understanding of what we do and how we do it. You can e-mail us at magiccorp@cox.net and we will send you a free promotional package and DVD or simply check our web site at www.corporatemagicproductions.com

What Type of Events use Jeffrey Richards / Corporate Magic Productions?

Our presentations are featured at trade show, sales meetings, hospitality suites, new product launches, after dinner entertainment and special customer events.

Is Jeffrey Richards a Magician, Entertainer or Speaker?

Richards is a unique combination of all three. If entertainment is what you need, Richards can deliver a hilarious COMEDY, MAGIC and MENTALISM stand-up performance in addition to his world class sleight-of-hand magic for smaller audiences. If you have a product or sales message that you would like to have delivered, Richards will develop a customized presentation that weaves you specific message into his amazing magic and mind-reading shows.

How Long is the Show?

For trade shows, we perform a 12-14 minute presentation two times an hour in your exhibit booth. This format allows sufficient time to draw in a CONSISTENT and SIZABLE crowd while allowing time between demonstrations for you sales staff to answer more detailed questions from you qualified leads after each show. For dinner programs and speaking engagements, Richards performs award winning sleight-of-hand magic during the cocktail reception. He circulates with your guests, clients and prospects performing miniature illusion with playing cards, money, silverware and jewelry. After dinner, Richard’s stand-up comedy and magic show features top professional magic, ESP and hilarious audience participation. Watch as Magician/Mentalist Jeffrey Richards reads the minds of you audience, makes objects float in midair and leave groups of 30-3000 MESMERIZED!

Jeffrey Richards Magician in Las Vegas performing at McDonald’s worldwide convention for Crest Uniform.

Jeffrey Richards Magician in Las Vegas performing at McDonald’s worldwide convention for Crest Uniform.


Can our Executives be Involved in the Magic?

Yes. We often perform what we call ExecuTrix in which we involve the executives in the magic on stage. We can make him/her magically appear in a flash of fire before their speech or presentation. It is a great way to make the VIP the star of the show and show them in a different light-willing to try something new and have fun with the magic. It will help the audience relate to the executive on a different level. We can even make him/her vanish in thin air after their speech or presentation.

How Much do you Charge?

All of our programs are customized, so charges for each show may vary. If you have a date in mind please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to send you a detailed proposal along with a price quote.

What Results Can I Expect at Trade Shows?

Many of our clients find that we have doubled and tripled the number of qualified leads over the previous years. You can expect 20-100 people (depending on location and traffic flow) standing in and around your exhibit booth twice an hour hearing you corporate message about your products, services and company.

How Do I Know your Presentation will Meet my Objective?

You will speak directly with Jeffrey Richards who will question you extensively on the goals of the trade show or meeting. You will also fill out our Client Prep Outline Guide that will assist us in designing the magic routines and incorporating the message for your program. You will receive a full script for the program and have the opportunity to edit it prior to the program. Upon your final approval, Richards then memorizes the script, selects and designs the magical routines and puts together the final presentation.

What Companies Have you Worked For?

We have worked for over 100 corporations in wide variety of industries, among our client are: AT&T Wireless, IBM, Kodak, Microsoft, Sony, Chevron, Xerox, American Banker, MGM Resorts and Taiwan Auto Parts to name of few.

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You really opened the doors for us. Your sleight of hand and personal charisma really made our exhibit a smash hit all four days. Harrison Door is very pleased with the result generated at the HomeShow by your unique brand of infotainment.

You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted to break our goal of 200 leads for the show – we were stunned when we walked out the first day with 220!!!

Your performance topped a great two-day seminar in Las Vegas and people are still talking about it. Thanks again for making our meeting such a magical one to remember.

When anyone can make three hundred salesman speechless, that’s real magic. Thanks for making our annual Christmas Banquet a most memorable one.

With your presentation, we were able to increase our presence at the show and triple our leads from the previous year. You made a believer out of the group.

We were impressed with your crowd gathering skills and how you skillfully integrated our sales message into several magical presentations.