“We tripled our leads from last year!” Amazing-drawing huge crowds into our booth for our product demonstrations. -Bob Reiltt-Marketing NAPA Auto Parts

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 Studies have shown you only have three seconds to catch

the attention of prospects walking by your trade show exhibit.


How are You Going to Stop them?

For over 20 years, Trade Show Magician Jeffrey Richards has been attracting crowds like no other. Richards will ATTRACT a crowd, COMMUNICATE your company’s message and GATHER more leads than you have ever experienced at you booth…CROWDS GUARANTEED!

Request Jeffrey's Free Successful Tradeshow Book

Request Jeffrey’s Free Successful Tradeshow Book


Your Products and Services Are On Center Stage

With hundreds of exhibitors at a trade show, how is your company going to stand out from the competition? How are you going to gather the maximum number of prospects, educate them about your products and leave them a lasting memorable impression? Adding Jeffrey to your exhibit team will maximize your message and give your exhibit an Amazing Advantage Over The Competition. Jeff has become a respected consultant in helping many of America’s Corporate giants highlight the features and benefits of their products using entertainment commercial presentations. Jeffrey has created a unique system that allows him to double and triple the leads generated at trade shows, producing millions of dollars for his clients. His specialty is combining your company’s marketing message with a high impact presentation, which draws in the casual browser and turns them into active, high potential prospects. This creates a lasting image that will stay with your customer long after the trade show is over, making follow up marketing twice as effective.












  • 3×3 area gives any size booth the ability to add a live presentation

  • Self-contained

  • Custom Scripting

  • Very affordable






More importantly, your existing exhibit structure won’t require a custom built stage or seating area, you’ll save money on space and with the exhibit builder too.You’ll quickly discover what many in the exhibit industry found out long ago – that a professional aisle-view presentation is the ideal way to draw crowds to your booth, create a “buzz” around your organization, capture qualified leads, and help a smaller booth stand out from the crowd in the competitive world of live trade show marketing. Each presentation lasts approximately ten to twelve minutes and is repeated once or twice each hour. This format allows Jeffrey to draw in a consistent and sizeable crowd while allowing sufficient time between demonstrations for your sales staff to answer more detailed questions from your qualified leads after each show.

If you are considering communicating your message with a custom-scripted presentation we’ll be glad to send you a full information packet and video about our presentations that perform and inform. You’ll also receive some marketing magic that you and your salesmen can use as “icebreakers” in the office.


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You really did a great job drawing crowds to the booth and keeping them there. We can’t even count how many people came to us after the shows telling us how much they enjoyed your magic and also asking where we found you! Thanks for your help in making Comdex 2001 a successful show!

With your presentation, we were able to increase our presence at the show and triple our leads from the previous year. You made a believer out of the group.

As Always, you consistently attracted, entertained and educated a steady flow of attendees. Your presentations gave us opportunities with our clients that we never had before… thanks for the great work.

Great presentations. We received nothing but compliments about your sleight of hand skill and professionalism. Thanks for making our service come ALIVE!

“Wow, how did you do that?” “No way!” “That’s impossible,” were just a few of the comments we heard during our cocktail hour – you’ll definitely hear from us for next year’s office party!!

When anyone can make three hundred salesman speechless, that’s real magic. Thanks for making our annual Christmas Banquet a most memorable one.